Need A Reminder How Blessed You Are?

Use This Gold Bar As One!

Own a part of history etched in gold, The 10 Commandments. And be reminded that He loves us all and will help us get through this pandemic. Get your limited edition gold bar before they run out! 

3 Reasons To Choose The 10 Commandments Gold Bar

Collector's Item

Whether you're a collector of rare coins and bars or you just love Jesus, you cannot go wrong with this amazing gold bar at such a discounted and exclusive price.

Spread The Faith

It has never been easier to spread the faith than it is today. If you're a parent or grandparent, sharing this gold bar with your family is a great way to remind them that Jesus and yourself love them.

Donate To A Local Church

We partner with a local church and make sure they are stocked up with The 10 Commandments Gold bars and a portion of our proceeds go to them.

The 10 Commandments - Gold Bar

2020 Edition

If you're a dedicated follower of Christ and you are passionate about spreading the His word, then you'll absolutely LOVE this rare best-seller bar!

This highly sought after gold bar is a must have!

Product Reviews

I saw this coin listed for much higher prices elsewhere, glad I bought from here! The gold bar looks even better in person.
I come from a long line of Roman Catholics in my family. These Jesus gold bars are going to bring us continued health and good luck!
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